Draw Attention – Children Win (2015)

Ilustração premiada com o segundo lugar no concurso #DrawAttention, da rede Terre des Hommes – International Federation, através da campanha Children Win, que visa alertar as pessoas sobre os efeitos, diretos e indiretos, dos Megaeventos Esportivos, e os riscos que representam para os direitos e oportunidades das crianças, nos países sede ao redor do Mundo.


#Draw Attention

Como parte da Sport and Rights Alliance, a campanha Children Win apela para obras artísticas (desenho, ilustração, caricatura ou qualquer outra representação visual), demonstrando como megaeventos esportivos podem impactar uma série de direitos humanos, incluindo os direitos das crianças – antes, durante e depois de tais eventos.

Children Win (english version)

Terre des Hommes launched the project Children WIN in February 2014 to collect evidence and increase awareness on direct and indirect effects of Mega Sporting Events to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities for children.

The FIFA World Cup™ and the Olympic Games are joyful and prestigious sport competitions, beloved by millions of children and adults. Mega Sporting Events provide global business opportunities and have multifold effects on host cities, countries and their population – both positives and negatives.

South Africa and Brazil are two host countries of the FIFA World Cup™ and the Olympic Games where Terre des Hommes is working for and with marginalized children and their communities to improve their living conditions and to contribute to the full realization of their rights. Out of this experience Terre des Hommes knows firsthand about the negative effects of Mega Sporting Events on children, for example the impairment of school attendance and health services by the displacement of family homes.

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